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‎”Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”
—Barbara Katz Rothman

The Midwife’s Mission | Why We Do What We Do

The people who devote themselves to the home care of pregnant women and their families are a meticulously trained, profoundly educated, and experienced team. Please do not let our casual demeanor fool you. We may joke, wear clothing deemed by some as unprofessional, and likely drive crappy cars. We may go to your kitchen to eat your food and feed our addiction to strong, black coffee. While you are in labor, we may come to your home, set up for your birth and then leave. We may sleep on your floor, couch or possibly your lawn. We may visit your garden, entertain your older children or play with you pets. Unless expressly asked to, it is likely we will not be in the room with you every minute of your labor.

Why would we do this? Why would we step out during your most vulnerable moment? The moment you have hired us for?

To give you that moment. To allow you to own that vulnerability. To let you face it, find your strength and persevere. To show you, that even in the face of overwhelming circumstance, you were born with a body and mind built for this moment. It is our belief that having us there, staring at you for hours on end, coaching you though every contraction, is a serious detriment to the birthing experience. How will learn you can do this, with or without us? How will you come to the realization that not only are you bringing a new person into this world in the form of an infant, but that you yourself are becoming a new person? You need to experience these frightening, exhilarating, stressful,beautiful moments to give yourself, body and soul, the opportunity to embrace and become the new person you are meant to be.

We will always be there when you need us; count on that. But we want you to know, while we are here to hold you up any time you ask and give you strength when you need it most, you can stand on your own. Helping you find that strength to stand is our real job.

Mother Earth Midwifery