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Many women who eat well and are aware of their body’s nutrient needs find little or no need to use dietary supplements during pregnancy. However, sometimes pregnancy its self can take a toll on a woman’s body and nutritive supplementation can be advised.

I recommend a whole food-based prenatal vitamin of your choice, and would be happy to discuss the various options that are available. Here are some examples of high quality supplements and how and when to use them.

img07 Flora, Floradix, Iron + Herbs Supplement

This herb derived iron supplement is one of my favorites. It works great and has no unpleasant side effects.

img07Huffington Post Article on the Best Foods for Iron

img07A good article for Vegans on how to get enough iron from food sources Iron in the Vegan Diet

img07Super Foods for Vegetarian Pregnancy and Lactation

img07Vitamins and Minerals Fact Sheet

img07Prenatal Vitamin Review


Additionally, you can find more nutrition resources and printable recipes on our forms and documents page.

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