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Choosing to have a home birth is a very exciting, though potentially stressful decision for an expectant mother. However, selecting the right Midwife can make the experience that much more rewarding for both mother and baby. Selecting a Midwife is one of the most important and personal decisions a woman will make in her life. By choosing a Midwife, a woman is inviting the Midwife to take part in a beautiful, though private event and the decision cannot be made lightly. At Mother Earth Midwifery, we understand what a blessing it is to take part in the birth of a child and make the mother and her desires for her birth our number one priority.

A Midwife’s duties extend far beyond the actual birth of the baby. Regular prenatal visits, round-the-clock access to your midwife, and extensive follow up care are all standard operating procedure for Mother Earth Midwifery. Mother Earth Midwifery takes a holistic approach to the care for the whole woman (and baby of course!), not just the pregnancy. We offer emotional support, physical care, and anything else the mother requires before, during and after baby’s arrival. Patience, respect and cooperation are our founding principles and guide our practice.

Please feel free to explore our site, read birth stories from some of our clients, and contact us with any questions or to set up your (free!) first in-home consultation.

Upcoming Events

Basic Prenatal Skills

I am teaching a basic prenatal skills class this April! Pass the word to any aspiring midwives, doulas, interested people! Here’s a brief syllabus

  • Week 1 | Part 1: Introductions and discussion: What it means to be a midwife and why is midwifery important?
  • Part 2 Informed consent; what it means and how to be sure it is properly obtained.
  • Week 2 | Part 1: Nutrition and self care for the pregnant woman and birthworker.
  • Part 2 what is done at a prenatal visit and why?

**Hand outs for the next weeks topic of Anatomy and Physiology will be given. Please be sure you will have time to study!**

  • Week 3: Basic Anatomy and Physiology of birth
  • Week 4: Hands on prenatal skills practiced on real moms to be. Please bring a client 24-42 weeks pregnant if possible. Fun gifts and food for intensives will be offered to your model moms.

** Let us know if you cannot bring a client to this class. We will find other arrangements**

The full cost of this class is $120.00. Payment Plans and Scholarships available. Also, there is a $20.00 discount for students who can bring their own models for the last class. If you are interested in the class please contact me, or Nyasia Bey by the last week of March.

Happy Spring Birthworkers! I can’t wait to see you all!