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For those of you interested here is my experience with Baby #2

Sunday PM

I lost my mucous plug around 9pm. I had a great night sleep and was very energized all of Sunday, Cole was dedicated, I personally bagged 3 bags of leaves, and just chilled out in the evening.

Monday AM

I woke up at 8am, and was feeling kind of crampy, I called work to let them know how I was feeling but decided to go in anyway because they weren’t bad.

Monday PM

Adjusted at the office from 12-3pm, then went to the grocery store with Cole. On the way home from the grocery store, I started having contractions at 4:20pm. I got Cole home, we sat down and watched some TV while I timed contractions. They were 6 mins apart. Got dinner ready (Shepherds’ pie…thanks Ivory), and ate with Cole. After Cole finished his meal around 6:10pm, my contractions jumped to every 2-3 mins. Matt was still at work, so I called my mom to come help with Cole because I could not get him out of his highchair. The midwives got there at 7pm and we timed out some contractions, still coming every 3 mins. During that time they weren’t too intense, just focused and was talking in between. Matt arrived home from work around 7:30pm and my labor really started picking up around 8:45pm, harder contractions right on top of each other. The midwives had gone to Walmart to pick up a few snacks for themselves, I don’t think they thought I would progress as quickly as I did. At 9:50pm my water broke in the toilet, and the urge to push was strong. Helen, the main midwife, told me I could push while on the toilet, but the only thing going through my head was I don’t want my baby to be shot out into the toilet, so I got up a did a very hilarious wide stance waddle back to the bed. The head popped and as the midwife is instructing Matt to see if the cord was around his neck, the rest of him shot out and Matt was able to just catch him. He was here, I was elated, and so happy that he was a boy, and Cole would have a brother to play with, and the baby would have clothes . As soon as the cord stopped pulsating, baby was adjusted and given to me to nurse. He was so exhausted that he didn’t end up feeding until the next day at 6am.

So that is my awesome experience and I wish every Mom could have a home birth.

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