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There is such a concern right now about pregnant people and families and thier exposure to the coronavirus. And a growing number of families are choosing homebirth. In answer to this problem, the homebirth community is doing more televisits, but we lack the funding for supplies that are available to hospital based practices. We are currently taking any donations of supplies, gently used and well cleaned use stuff is good, new supplies are great, or cash donations (actual supplies even better!) so we can purchase supplies for our patients at home, and personal protection equipment for us for when we need to see people in person, and during births. ANY help is GREAT help!!! We are all in this together. ❤️


For parents to be:

**Electric blood pressure cuffs** most needed!

*Digital thermometers* next most needed

Parent intended fetal dopplers and gel

Soft measuring tapes

Urinalysis sticks

At home hemoglobinometers

High quality prenatal vitamins

Birth kits for last minute people switching to homebirth

PPE for midwives:

Hand sanitizer

Alcohol wipes for surfaces

N95 respirator masks

Surgical gowns (paper disposable)

Surgical caps (paper disposable)

Nitrile exam gloves (med or large)

Sterile nitrile gloves (size 6.5-7.5 any available)

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