Payment Policy

Some health insurance plans will reimburse for Certified Professional Midwife care. Most won’t. Please contact your insurance provider about your coverage. Out of pocket health care expenses can be written off on your taxes up to a certain amount each year. Contact a tax specialist, or look into this yourself as you consider paying for services. We are happy to check on pre-approval with your insurance company.

Clients of Mother Earth Midwifery are charged on a sliding scale of $2800.00 to $3800.00 for complete care. That includes your initial consultation (no charge at the time of consultation) all prenatal visits, 24/7 access to your midwife throughout your entire childbearing year, standard lab costs, complete labor and birth services, immediate postpartum care, and 3-5 postpartum visits based on need, as well as a professional grade birth pool we will bring at your 36-37 week visit, and then clean up and take down after your birth. Much of our care is provided in your home. We do not ask to see your tax statement or pay stubs to determine cost.

For those who may be in greater need at the time of this pregnancy:

If you are currently uninsured, and making less than $32,000.00 per year for your family you will be charged $2500.00 automatically for total services. We may ask for documentation to support your qaulifing for this special pricing. This is the only time we may ask for your tax return or pay stubs.

Otherwise, we ask that you determine the cost of your care in our range based on what you are able to pay over the ten month (or so) period you will be in our care. If you are able to pay the full $3800.00 and still pay your monthly basic needs, we ask that you please agree to that amount. $3800.00 is the actual cost of services and this price is already discounted against average health care costs to try to make midwifery care affordable to everyone.

Three Quarters (3/4) of the full amount is due by the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy. The complete payment is due by the last postpartum visit at six weeks after you deliver. A payment of some kind is due at every visit until the full balance is paid. Some exceptions/extensions may apply. If things change for you financially durring care, and cost is going to be a barrier for you to receive our care, or if you know you may need more time to pay in full, please discuss this with us. Our mission is to see that everyone who wants our help can have it!

*Special note: If you submit to your insurance for reimbursement, and your insurance company will pay more than $3800.00, then the overage is paid to us. This is the law. To keep any reimbursement amount over $3800.00 from your insurance company is insurance fraud. (I have yet to actually have this occur, most insurances either won’t reimburse at all, or will reimburse at a reduction of the full rate. Typically 70%-80%. But it’s important that you are aware of this law.)

Other Home Birth Costs

  • Complete birth kit: $170.00 (approximately)(inculdes professional grade birth tub liner that is sterile for single use)
  • Towels, linens, and miscellaneous supplies for the birth and your recovery: $50.00-$200.00
  • Nutritional Supplements and herbs for the childbearing year: $100.00- $300.00
  • New hose and sink adapter for waterbirth -$25.00-$50.00

Please keep these costs in mind as you plan your budget for your pregnancy and birth.

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