Steph Lucas Belly Yoga

Above is a trained yoga instructor, Stephanie,mother to Wyatt and Lucas both born at home with Helen Stockton and Mother Earth Midwifery. If you are new to yoga, inversion posses should not be attempted in pregnancy.

Many women comfortable with inversion poses prior to pregnancy can comfortably do them into their second trimester. Stephanie is seen here in her 40th week of pregnancy, but she is a career yogi with years of experience. To do inversion posses such as this past week 24 of pregnancy is generally unadvised.

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, it is one great way to keep fit throughout your pregnancy. Yoga strengthens and stretches muscles groups that play a role in delivery and can prevent potential injury during birth.

However, if yoga just isn’t for you, there are lots of ways to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy. Swimming, walking, bike-riding, etc. can all be beneficial to both you and your babies health. However, be sure to speak to your midwife or other medical professional before beginning any sort of exercise routine during pregnancy.

If you are interested in prenatal yoga, Stephanie teaches at Burn It Fitness Club in Rochester Hill, MI.

Additional Prenatal Yoga Information

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